Semalt Defines Major Benefits Of Screen Scraping Programs

Screen scraping tools and programs are widely used to get useful information from different websites. This data is later used in different industries and spheres of business. With the right kind of screen scraping tools, you can easily extract any information from the web and use it to make your business thrive.

Web scrapers or screen scrapers play an important role in data collection and are suitable for businessmen, freelancers, webmasters, and programmers. For instance, ScrapersWorld provides a range of useful web scraping or data extraction tools that make it easy for us to collect, scrape and save data in a readable and scalable format. The major benefits of screen scraping tools and programs have been mentioned below.

1. Collect data for your business:

With a screen scraper, you can easily collect data from the internet, generate leads and boost your business. For instance, ParseHub and Octoparse can help you generate a large number of leads. You can use both Octoparse and ParseHub to scrape data from different web pages, convert raw data to the structured form, save it to CSV or JSON format, and download the content to your hard drive for offline uses.

2. Mine the contact information:

Scraping programs and tools are preferred by e-commerce companies and digital marketers. For instance, is the prior choice of many businessmen that helps extract required details from various sites. You can use this tool to gather details from your competitor's sites such as email addresses, phone numbers, and enlist the details of your suppliers and buyers who can help to grow your business to an extent. In other words, we can say that a screen scraping tool will collect, organize and structure data from various online sources and make it easy for you to grow your business. You can save the contact details of both manufacturers and suppliers to Google Drive or

3. Download Results from Social Media Sites:

Web scraping or screen scraping tools allow you to download the results from the stack overflow and thus facilitate your work. Moreover, you can use these programs to scrape and download data from Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also target the dynamic sites and extract content from all of them with just a few clicks.

4. Get the details of job seekers and companies:

Kimono Labs is one of the most reliable web scraping or data extraction tools on the internet. With such scraping tools, you can get details of job seekers and build your own job board. First, you would have to scrape data from other job boards and establish your own website. As the next step, you can publish the scraped content on your own site and provide details about job seekers and hiring managers. With your job board, you can easily connect a hiring manager with job hunters.